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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Photography social

a brand new social network in the field of photo and photography. A place to Share photos and make professional photography connections.

Fotoup connects you to professional photography connections, photography events and your business partners. 

photography magazine cover submit is open by fotoup

Different benefits of fotoup for photography professionals:

fotoup photo sharing:

you can Share unlimited photos for free and make photography friends. Fotoup is offering you the most professional and free online photo gallery on the internet to share your photos with other friends and professionals. 

Photographers on fotoup:

Photographers can make a free online photography portfolio and customize their profiles in fotoup. Fotoup is the best place for photographers around the world to share photos and make their professional photography gallery and profiles all for free. select your expertises and skills in photography and present yourself as a pro.

Photography community features in fotoup:

Fotoup is the most professionally focused social network and community in photography, models , retouchers and... all able to get connected to their professional partners in photography. It’s free for all related photography professionals to join and enjoy sharing photos and making photography connections. 

fotoup Photography website directories and photographers listings:

Fotoup is building the most professionally focused photography website listing. Photographers from all over the world share their best photos on fotoup free online photo galleries and include themselves in the lists. Fotoup lists photography websites in its photography website listings.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Frame magazine cover submit

Photo contest 
Frame magazine cover photographer you can Design how your photo looks on cover too

Theme: Free 




- Be creative and unique

- Keep the quality as high as you can

- Be expressive

- Composition is the key, It does not matter its a landscape or a street photo or any other genre

- Try more than one photo to increas your chance

- Performing advanced photography techniques in the best possible way

Entry fee: (Free for new Members)
40 fotoup credits >>> early submit until 10 Feb

60 fotoup credits >>> late entry

How to submit your photographs:
1. Make an acount in fotoup if your are not already a member

2. Submit your photos and make your fotoup profile

3. Submit your photos to the frame photo contest from your profile page with provided links

4. Make sure to submit the designed cover version on fotoup facebook page and fotoup group

Download the materials Here >>> Download Link

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