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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

some top surreal art works

surreal art works

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Surreal art is often the bringing together of things that don't belong together.

Suliman Almawash 

Wojciech Grzanka 

 Alessandro Bavari

 Zdzislaw Beksinski

 Marko Jakobi

  Marko Jakobi

Max Sauco

Cook in brain

My ghosts are gaining on me




To the Shadow

Leaving Eden

Romel Belga

Place under the sun by sasha-fantom

cleaning house by AutumnsGoddess

Thank u… by veronica-p

Extraordinary Island by Unique Creativity

Illusions by lady-symphonia

Evolution by AandG

time manager by Apachennov

Love by arlek-in

The Time Traveler by xetobyte

It camouflaged reality by theflickerees

Alice in koukeiland by koukei

Utopia by almiller

umbrella by Floyd Grey

Aquatic by aniferlu

Hands by franz—franz

The Sunken Village by chrigi76

Music Machine by Lucasprod2

take me where the flowers grow by Simbelmine

Perspective Squarecase by alltelleringet

Above the Horizon by xetobyte

Final del tiempo III by Sidiuss

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