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Wednesday, July 25, 2012



We haven’t seen much output from David Lynch since 2006′s Inland Empire. So what has the auteur filmmaker responsible for cult classics like Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, and Miley Cyrus’ careerbeen up to, other than delivering weather reports from his webcam and jumping on the Twitter bandwagon? Well apparently Mr. Lynch has been selling his own brand of coffee called David Lynch Signature Cup. Now the director (who admits to having a 20-cup-a-day habit) has released a new commercial for his product containing the kind of nightmare-ish sounds and visuals that he’s known for. (embedding disabled for flash, but you can watch the clip over at Huffington Post)
I can’t say whether I’m disappointed the brief dialogue wasn’t spoken in reverse by a dancing midget, but what is surprising is that this doesn’t even come close to the weirdness of the last commercial he produced for his brand, which was basically four minutes of himself conversing with a disembodied Barbie doll head over carnival music and sirens.
I’m not sure why the man even bothers making these bizarre spots… This super-cut of Agent Dale Cooper savoring his cuppa-joe in Twin Peaks (below) says more than any Juan Valdez commercial or Folgers jingle ever could…

But perhaps it’s all an act of subversion. As AdWeek put things into focus, “Lynch is famously ambivalent about marketing. He’s directed a number of ads, and is now an advertiser himself. But he had a famously great response to an interviewer who once asked him about product placement in movies…”

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